Looking for work in the agribusiness sector?

The agribusiness sector is thriving, and so are the opportunities to pick up a sweet job working in the food and agribusiness chain, from primary production jobs planting, picking and packing our fresh produce, to turning it into delicious and exciting food products for people all around the world to consume! If you would love to be a part of this exciting industry, and are serious about kick-starting your career, take a look at one of the following options below.

Planting, Picking & Packing

This is where it all starts. If you have a love for the outdoors, enjoy working with your hands and thrive in a natural and driven environment, then this stream may be for you! Here you are involved in the very start of the food production cycle.

Qualification: Certificate II in Horticulture


General Farm Work

It takes all types of people to run a successful farm or agribusiness, and there is plenty to do other than plant, pick and pack the fresh produce! From landscaping, grounds maintenance, nursery, machinery work, fencing, repairs and general maintenance, being a farm hand is sure to keep you on your toes.

Qualification: Certificate II in Horticulture


Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing, logistics and transport are a critical link in the food-chain. Whether its getting the fresh produce from the farm to the food processors, or moving stock from production to retail outlets, if you are interested in stock management, warehousing and transport, then this stream is perfect for you.

Qualification: Certificate II in Logistics (with Food Processing)


Food Processing

The Sunshine Coast and Moreton Bay Regions have a thriving food processing industry, where we turn all that fresh produce into exciting and delicious products available at stores throughout the country. This stream is for you if your passion is crafting suburb products from our local fresh ingredients.

Qualification: Certificate II in Logistics (with Food Processing)


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I saw the Sweetest Job campaign, I applied and got the job. I would definitely keep doing the work. I would love for it to turn into something permenant and buy a house in the area.

- Sonia, 2016 Sweetest Job participant

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